Welcome to Villa Ngomfi

Where the birds sing and the leaves whistle...

Perched on a slope overlooking a river just 30 meters below, this dramatic architectural marvel is the perfect getaway. The villa is tucked away between a landscape dominated by hills and rice patties. The villa boasts 5 levels of comfort, relaxation and absolute stunning luscious green views. One can approach the villa by travelling on a private road that enters into a large gravel court dominated by a lovely pond. 

Ngomfi is an African Hoopoe bird. The bird is believed to be a symbol of loyalty, whether from a friend or a good visitor. While at Villa Ngomfi if you are lucky enough to hear the birds singing from the bushes on the property, listen carefully. The ‘hoop hoop’ vibrations echo throughout the spacious rooms, living areas, etc. After hearing these bird songs it can be said that you are going to have an important visitor who will bring immense prosperity.

We hope to see you at Villa Ngomfi so we have the opportunity to spread this good fortune with you.